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Bewilder is a Bay Area floral studio founded by Larisa Minerva, an artist turned florist. With 10 years in the industry, we've grown to love timeless, unstructured designs, that herald nature above all else. We favor the local over the luxury and the personal over the perfect, and think no two flowers should ever be exactly the same.


Our Mission

In an industry built on expectations, Bewilder aims to celebrate what is real, with materials found sustainably around us. We see no need to use imported or chemically treated product, when captivating flowers grow so easily right here in our own cutting garden and California farms.

As intermediaries with nature, it is our goal to craft one of a kind designs that speak to the season and setting. Communicating through color, form and texture to celebrate who you are in this moment, imperfections and all. Whether it’s the personality of a single blossom or the grace of cascading tendrils, we are continuously awed by the materials we find and we want to share that awe with you.