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Why You Shouldn't Have a "Fairytale" Wedding

I know I may be turning away potential clients when I say this but I do not believe in fairytale weddings. Because they are just that--fairytales. The truth is that even the most meticulously planned, high budget event will have it's kinks. The dress will be stunning, the florals perfect, the tables immaculate, but there will always be drunken party guests and imperfect timing. Sure, the pictures will come out gorgeous but you will make yourself sick all for that one hectic day.

Because this is what the wedding industry promotes. Hire vendors who will be in and out of your life as you celebrate that one time he vaguely resembled prince charming and you looked just like a princess--or woodland elf as the current trend dictates. But if you asked me, it's all kind of missing the point. Of course I understand the desire for it be beautiful--I am in this business because I get to be around all that beauty--but at a certain point it crosses a line.

When it all comes down to it, the miracle is not that you were beautiful for a day, the miracle is that you found each other.

When a couple contacts me to do their wedding flowers, I already know they want them to be beautiful. I already know they love the wild vibe of our company's style. But what I don't already know is what flowers he bought her for their first date, what her mother grew in her garden, what flowers or colors are culturally significant to their families. But so often our conversations cling to color palettes, current trends and delivery times. And why wouldn't they? We do not know each other all that well, and those details are the most practical matters at hand. 

However, some of the most fulfilling events I've ever participated in were the ones in which I got to know the couple a little better. You'll be holding our flowers in those pictures for the rest of time, so why not get to know each other? I consider it my job to translate each couple's aesthetic ideas and sentiment into something timeless and unique, so the more information, the better. 

When it all comes down to it, the miracle is not that you were beautiful for a day, the miracle is that you found each other. The miracle is that you are a human with your own faults and frailties and her or she has their own faults and frailties and despite it all you two are going to give it a try. And for this one day everyone you love gets together and celebrates that miracle.

So why not make it real and authentic and uniquely to you, as opposed to what is currently trending on Pinterest? (If you are not all that involved in the industry how are you supposed to know what is just another trend we will look back on like those big puffy sleeves our mothers wore) Because those gorgeous pictures won't get you through the tough stuff. If you're doing it right, only having each other will do that. 

Larisa MinervaComment