Wild inspired floral design
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Named for our love of wild things.


Earth Forward.

Every choice we make puts our planet first, and rather than hindering us, we’ve found this only makes our work more natural and nuanced.

We believe the magic of florals lies in their ephemerality. They mark an occasion in time and space, then fade.

So it’s important to us that our temporary medium does not leave lasting negative impacts on the Earth.

Scroll to see our sustainability efforts bellow.

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Grown not flown.

We are committed to sourcing all our flowers from west coast growers, with the majority of our product coming from small Bay Area farms and our own cutting garden.

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We avoid toxic materials such as floral foam, chemically dyed and dried materials, as well as invasive seed spreading florals.

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Rentals over one-time use.

Each year, we invest a small percentage of our annual revenue in craft wares for use as vase and candle rentals. Ask to see our inventory when you inquire!


Beeswax Candles.

Our beeswax candles burn clean, encourage hive growth and support American bee keepers. Plus they smell amazing in comparison to the petroleum based industry standard.


Plant-dyed silk ribbon.

Our perfectly imperfect silk ribbon is dyed in-house with plants to avoid releasing harmful chemical dyes entering our water system.

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The Mandala Project.

All our left over florals are donated to the Zen Hospice Project and to individuals going through a loss. To send free flowers to someone who has lost a loved one through The Mandala Project here.