Donate your Wedding Flowers to The Mandala Project

Giving back can be a beautiful way to embed deeper meaning into your wedding day. If you would like to donate your flowers to The Mandala Project Please read our FAQ and fill out the form bellow:

Q: Where will my flowers be Donated?

A: All flowers are processed via our flower school and then sent out to hospice organizations such as the Zen Hospice Project to distribute to patients and families or are distributed by our volunteers to individuals in the Bay Area who are currently suffering the loss of a loved one.

Q: Is my donation Tax deductible?

A. Not at this time since we are not currently a non-profit. However, if there is enough interest in the program, we will put in the time and finances necessary to be come a non-profit and may be able to give you a tax donation credit retroactively.

Q: How do I drop off my flowers?

A. We will coordinate with you to have the flowers dropped of either at our Studio in Berkeley on Sunday or Monday morning following the wedding or on Monday morning at the flower Market in San Francisco.

Q: Can I have my flowers picked up?

We offer complimentary pick up locally in San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Emeryville, Alameda and on the Peninsula Sunday or Monday following the event.

We also offer pick up at the end of your event, if it is within 90 minutes from San Francisco. We charge a flat $200 fee for this service that goes directly to our driver. Should you choose this option, we will need your wedding coordinators contact info in order to sort out the pick up logistics. To thank you for spending extra in order to donate, we will send you either a custom ceramic vase with your wedding date or a pressed flower plaque made with your wedding flowers.

Q: What if my florist needs their vases back?

We are happy to coordinate with your florist to either return their vases or receive the flowers sans vase, whichever is easier for them.

Q: When do you need the flowers by?

We need all flowers by 10 am on the Monday morning following the event. Note that we only accept donations May through October, while our flower school is in session.

Q: What if some of my flowers are wilted?

If only some of your flowers have wilted, our volunteers are trained to process them and either revive or throw out any flowers that are tired. If MOST of your flowers have wilted we may pass on the donation so we don’t run out of room in our compost bins.

Q: How many flowers are needed for a donation?

We ask for a minimum of 5 full sized mostly non-wilted arrangements in order to make the logistics of the donation worth our time.


Please complete the form below and we will be in touch to facilitate your floral donation.

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We will be in touch with you to sort out the donation logistics but let us know if you have any immediate information to share such as your coordinator's contact information or the time your event concludes.